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American Beauty

Medium Informal Decorative Red 5" flower on a 4' plant Deep red velvet color with beautifully formed flowers. Long stems and vase life  make this a must have red dahlia....

Snoho Doris

Ball - Dark Blend 4" flower on a 3' plant  To describe the color of this ball is difficult; sometimes the blooms are a soft red and others are more...

Hollyhill Black Beauty

BB  ID  Dark Red      5-6" Flowers on a 5' Plant Striking black red blooms excellent for cut flowers. They make a nice contrast in floral arrangements. Tall plants...


Mini FD Red 4" Flowers on a 4" Plant You had me at the name Groovy! I smile every time I see this flower in the field. The rusty red...

Karma Choc

Waterlily  Dark Red 4 -5" Flower on a 4' Plant Deep velvety burgundy blooms on dark stems make this a show stopper. Beautiful in a bouquet mixed with the popular...

Camano Mordor

Ball - Dark Blend 3.5" to 4" flower on a 5' plant A mix of deep red with lighter undertones make this a unique flower. The blooms are perfectly shaped balls...

Black Satin

Sm  FD  Dark Red 3-4" Flowers on a 4-5' Plant Beautiful dark red almost black blooms that florist love.  Starts out slow but then blooms all season on strong stems....


Ball - Dark Red 3" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful long lasting deep red blooms on strong stems and is a staple in the dahlia garden. All dahlia tubers will...


Sm  FD  Dark Red  5" Bloom on a 4' Plant A beautiful black dahlia that I just added to my collection this year. The 5" deep red petals have velvet...


Waterlily Red 3.5" Flower on a 5' Plant Beautiful bright red flowers on a tall sturdy plant.  The nice sized waterlily bloom mixes well in bouquet and arrangements.  Good vase...

Jowey Mirella

Ball Dark Red 3.5" Flowers on a 4' plant A beautiful almost black ball dahlia with ruffled pedal edges. A prolific bloomer with sturdy stems and long vase life make...

Wine Eyed Jill - Red

Mini Formal Decorative Dark Red 3" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful long lasting deep red blooms on strong stems. These flowers were sold to me as a Wine Eyed Jill...

Black Spider

Sm Cactus Dark Red 4-5" Flowers on a 4' Plant Deep Maroon cactus style blooms on a 4ft plant. Produces lots of blooms all season on long stems. Eye catching...

Shadow Cat

Mini  FD  Dark Red 4" Flower on a 4.5 Plant Chocolate ball flower that blooms early in the season.  Very similar to Black Satin in color and shape but a...
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