Sly Hill Flowers

Welcome. I’m Karoline Sly, and I’m a flower farmer.

My husband and I started Sly Hill flowers 5 years ago and are both loving our "retirement" job – We have lived on a beautifully wooded 5 acres in the South Sound of the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years...and yes we live on a hill.

Growing up I spent a lot of time in the garden with my grandfather and I guess the gardening bug just stuck. As an adult I’ve always grown flowers along with a huge and quite serious vegetable garden – so serious that I had to take up canning to use up all the vegetables! I’ve been an organic grower forever because we always had dogs, kids, a well, and really it was just the right thing to do. I now have two bee hives on the property and understand the importance of checking everything that is used in our pest control management program because the saying "Save the Bees" is practiced everyday here.

I have now been growing dahlias for the past 5 years and I keep expanding the my growing areas. This past year, I planted 4000 dahlias in the ground along with 1000 seedlings growing in the new planting area affectionally called the log yard. The greenhouse is finished and has hosted a number of bouquet building and wreath making workshops. In a few months there will be racks of cut flower and dahlia seedlings growing in that warm greenhouse.

I have been so inspired by all the support, encouragement, and valuable information shared by flower farmers in the industry. Learning to navigate the social media platforms has been trying sometimes but the friends I have made across the country was an unexpected surprise.