Guarantee: I have a satisfaction guarantee. If the tubers don’t sprout or are the wrong color/variety based on what you ordered, email me a photo and your order number and I will make it right. I will either offer a full refund or plan to replace the tuber the following year. My goal is to make you happy with your order and the beautiful flowers the dahlia tubers produce.

Substitutions: I will not substitute without your permission. If I’m unable to fill your order I will offer you a refund or let you know as soon as possible if there is a possibility of substituting a different variety of your choosing.

Payment: Payments can be made using Paypal or major credit card through the website. Once an order is placed the sale is final. I can not guarantee that I will be able to combine shipping if you place multiple orders.

Shipping: All tubers will ship in March and April once freezing temperatures are clear of the forecast in your region. 

Shipping Rates:

1 to 3 tubers = $11.00

4 to 15 tubers = $17.00

16 to 30 tubers = $24.00

Any orders over 30 tubers = $30.00

Dahlia Virus

We have been inspected by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and are a licensed nursery. We have passed our inspection during the past three growing seasons. I will be including the verification sticker on your invoice. What this means is that the inspector walked up and down the rows in our field, looking at the plants and discussed the practices we use to minimize disease in our field. 

We follow all the American Dahlia Society (ADS) recommendations to help control disease in Dahlias.

Due to the number of plants we grow we do not test every plant for virus. We sanitize our shears when harvesting flowers, we sanitize loppers when taking down the plants at the end of the season, and we sanitize shears and cutting boards between clumps when dividing tubers. We cull any variety that looks suspicious and we spray for pests periodically using organic products.

Even with all these practices in place, according to the American Dahlia Society's 2022 virus research, an average of 87% of healthy, asymptomatic dahlia plants carry at least one virus.

We will continue our efforts to minimize dahlia virus in our operation but please understand that dahlia viruses are common and often present with little to no symptoms. We cannot guarantee that every plant is free from virus.