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Jowey Paula

Ball - Light Blend 3.5" flower on a 4' plant This flower has tones of peach, orange, yellow and pink that blend together to make a well rounded beauty. Jowey Paula...

Snoho Doris

Ball - Dark Blend 3-4" flower on a 4' plant  To describe the color of this ball is difficult; sometimes the blooms are a soft red and others are more...

Rose Toscano

Mini FD Orange 2-3" Flowers on a 3.5' Plant First year growing this variety and its a keeper.  These dusty peach flowers are a unique color and mixes well in...

Caitlin's Joy

Ball  Pink 3" Flowers on a 4' Plant Deep pink ball shaped flowers with hints of dusty rose and purple highlights. Color turns deeper as weather cools.  Lots of blooms,...

Bracken Rose - LIMIT 3 PER PERSON

Medium - Formal Decorative - Dark Pink 2.5 to 3" Flowers on a 5' Plant The  beautiful color amazing symmetrical shape of these muted pink dahlia puts it in my...

Brown Sugar

Ball - Formal Decorative - Dark Blend 3.5" flower on a 4' plant Beautiful rust colored dahlia. Mixes well with bronze toned flowers. Long lasting flowers on strong stems.

Linda's Baby

Medium - Ball - Pink 4" flower on a 4.5' plant This flower has tones of peach, pink, and coral that blend perfectly together to make this dahlia a must have...

Foxy Lady

Mini - Formal Decorative - Dark Blend 3" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful dark fuchsia centers, pink petals with soft yellow highlights. Produces lots of blooms all season long....

Tahoma April

Ball - Dark Pink 4" flower on a 4' plant Deep pink flowers on strong stems. This is a great cut flower that has a long vase life and the...


Mini Ball - Yellow 3" flower on a 3' plant  Creamy pale yellow balls. This reliable bloomer blends well with lots of the pastel wedding flowers.

Camano Mordor

Ball - Dark Blend 3.5" to 4" flower on a 5' plant A mix of deep red with lighter undertones make this a unique flower. The blooms are perfectly shaped balls...

Cornel Bronze

Ball - Bronze 4" flower on a 4' plant Unique shade of light bronze. The color of this bloom blends so well with many different colors. I end up using each...

Wine Eyed Jill

M  FD  LB 3" Flowers on a 5' Plant Lots of beautiful multi colored blooms all season long.  Colors range from pink, peach, apricot, tangerine all with a deep burgundy...

Jowey Winnie

Ball - Dark Blend 4" flower on a 4' plant Dramatic dusty rose and mauve flower. This dahlia is long lasting and adds depth to the garden and arrangements.

Blyton Softer Gleam

Ball - Light Blend 4.5" flower on a 4' plant Wonderful blend of golden yellow and orange on strong stems, lots of long lasting blooms.

Snoho Jo Jo

Ball - Bronze 3" to 4" flower on a 4' plant Cute light bronze ball with mauve center. An early bloomer that puts out lots of flowers all season long. 

Sun Spot

Ball - Dark Blend 3-3.5" flower on a 4' plant  Love the pinky peach blooms of this variety. Very similar to Snoho Doris but the bloom is a little bigger...


Mini Ball Light Blush 2-3" Flowers on a 3-5' Plant Beautiful coloring on this adorable mini ball.  Light blush flower with buttercream undertones perfect for wedding work and my designer...

MM Buttercream

Ball - Yellow 4" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful buttercream yellow ball with a touch of pink at its center early in the season. This ball style bloom is...

Hy Suntan

Ball  Bronze 2-3" Flowers on a 4-5' Plant This color is hard to describe, bronze copper balls with a darker back petal, similar to Cornel Bronze only darker. The color...

Robin Hood

 Ball - Dark Blend  4" flower on a 3.5' plant This flower has sunset colors; with a darker rusty pink center, fading to orange with light rose tips. This is...
Bistro Bistro


Mini  FD  Lavender 3" Flower on a  3.5' Plant  Beautiful mix of lavender and white ball shaped flower has a faint splash of yellow in the center and a darker...

Snoho Sonia

Small - Ball - Lavender 3" flowers on a 3' plant This vibrant lavender ball is a fun addition to any garden. Produces lots of blooms on sturdy stems.

Wizard of Oz

Mini Ball Pink 2-3" Flower on a 3.5" Plant Cute pale pink ball dahlia that produced lots of blooms.  This variety bloomed early for me and had lots of flowers...

Jowey Mirella

Ball Dark Red 3.5" Flowers on a 4' plant A beautiful almost black ball dahlia with ruffled pedal edges. A prolific bloomer with sturdy stems and long vase life make...
White Nettie White Nettie

White Nettie

Mini - Ball White 2.5" flower on a 4' plant Small and sweet white flowers with a soft creamy center. Perfect white wedding flower with a long vase life and...


Mini Ball - Pink 2.5" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful smokey raspberry pink blooms with golden undertones.  One of my new favorites!  Pairs beautifully with KA's Rosie Jo &...
Ivanetti Ivanetti


Ball Purple 3.5" Flower on a 4' Plant Wonderful ball form dahlia that pumps out blooms all season long.  The long lasting flowers are a unique mix of burgundy with...

Barberry Gem

Mini  Ball  Dark Red 2.5" Flower on a 4' Plant Cute deep cranberry red blooms that add a pop of color to any market bouquets.  Lots of blooms all season.  ...

Jowey Nicky

Ball  Lt Blend 3-4" Flowers on a 4' Plant  If your a fan of that golden bronze color you will love Jowey Nicki.  Deep orange center fades as it reaches...

Crichton Honey

Ball - Bronze 3-4 " flowers on a 3.5'Plant Warm peachy apricot and buttercream yellow blooms with a unique cupped petal.  Each flower is a dreamy pastel mix.  Goes so...

Clearview Peachy

Small - Ball Pink 4 to 5" Flowers on a 6' Plant Larger than most ball form dahlia's Clearview Peachy is a perfectly shaped ball flower. Blooms s are a...

Barbarry Maverick

Mini Ball - Red 2" Flowers on a 3.5-4' Flower   Cute little red ball flowers on nice long stems.  Lots of blooms all season.  Great addition to a market bouquet...
Jessie G Jessie G

Jessie G

Ball  Purple 3.5" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful deep dark purple blooms with a slight pink undertone that seem to last forever in a vase. Lots of blooms on...

Hollyhill Miss White

Mini - Ball - White 2.5" Flower on a 5' Plant Adorable white flowers with a soft lavender blush center. A must have for wedding work.    Tall plants, reliable...

Hamari Rose **

Ball- Pink 3.5" flowers on a 3.5' plant Beautiful mauvy pink blooms with golden undertones.  These plants produced lots of nice  size flowers for arrangements and summer bouquets.  Cut deep...

Pink Pearl

Ball Pink 5" Flower on a 4' Plant Large blush colored ball that stands up well in a big arrangements. Great for wedding work or anyone who is a fan...
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