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Break Out

Large - Informal Decorative - Light Blend 8" flower on a 5' plant  This flower is a beautiful blend of buttercream yellow and pale pink. The flower photographs so well and...

Ice Cube

Giant - Formal Decorative - Pink 8"-9" blooms on a 4' plant This abundant bloomer is a mix of white and pink with hints of ivory and mixes well with many other...

Lavender Perfection

Large - Formal Decorative - Lavender 8" to 10" flowers on a 4.5' plant Big beautiful fluffy lavender flowers.  Very popular with visitors to the flower field. This plant will bloom all...


Large - Informal Decorative - Dark Blend 8" to 10" flowers on a 3.5' plant Beautiful watermelon pink flower that have unique twisted petals that wave in the wind. This plant...

Vassio Meggos

Lg  ID  Lavender 8 - 9" Flowers on a 5' Plant Beautiful soft lavender blooms fold back to its stem as it fully opens. Long straight stems hold up these...

Babylon Bronze

Large - Informal Decorative - Bronze 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant These stunning blooms feature long flowing pointed petals that draw the attention to anyone in the garden. All...
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