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Coralie/Castle Drive

Small - Formal Decorative - Light Blend Pink 6" flower on a 4' plant This flower has a blend of pale pink, darker pink and yellow and is slightly different...

Brown Sugar

Ball - Formal Decorative - Dark Blend 3.5" flower on a 4' plant Beautiful rust colored dahlia. Mixes well with bronze toned flowers. Long lasting flowers on strong stems. All dahlia...

Ice Tea

Mini - Formal Decorative - Orange 3.5" flower on a 3.5' plant Beautiful copper peach color with pink tones that gets darker as the season progresses. Great cut flower and...

Daisy Duke

Small - Formal Decorative - Pink 4" flower on a 4' plant Daisy Duke is a deep pink and a very bountiful bloomer. This flower is supported by storng stems...


Small - Formal Decorative - Pink  4" flowers on a 5' plant Beautiful dusty rose flower that blooms early and produces lots of blooms on long sturdy stems. As the weather...

Ice Cube

Giant - Formal Decorative - Pink 8"-9" blooms on a 4' plant This abundant bloomer is a mix of white and pink with hints of ivory and mixes well with many other...
Foxy Lady Foxy Lady Tubers

Foxy Lady

Mini - Formal Decorative - Dark Blend 3" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful dark fuchsia centers, pink petals with soft yellow highlights. Produces lots of blooms all season long....

Cafe Au Lait Rose

Large - Informal Decorative - Pink 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant These flowers are a beautiful deep pink and have the same flowing petals as Cafe Au Lait....
A La Mode Tubers A La Mode Tubers

A La Mode

Medium Formal Decorative - Orange & White Blend 5" to 6" flower on a 5' plant Striking peach and white bi-color flower. This dahlia is like a creamsicle ice cream...
Narrows Ryder Narrows Ryder

Narrows Ryder

Small FD  White 3.5" Flowers on a 5' Plant Beautiful white blooms with a lavender pink blush center and a splash of yellow in the center as the flower fully...

Chimacum Katie

Small - Formal Decorative - Pink 4-5" flower on a 4.5' plant This unique pink colored dahlia blooms all season and has long stems that stands out in arrangements. The photos don't do...

Oreti Adele

Mini FD Light Blend 4" Flowers on a 4' Plant Striking sherbet blooms with a soft pink outline on the petals.  Lots of blooms on a shorter sturdy plant.  Strong...

Bracken Sarah

Medium - Formal Decorative - Light Blend 6" flower on a 4' plant Soft orange and pink cantaloupe shades blend together to make this flower glow. All dahlia tubers will...

Last Dance

Mini  FD  Light Blend 3" Flowers on a 4' Plant Cute white flowers with soft lilac blush and darker lilac centers some go from almost all white to others with...

Rose Toscano

Mini FD Orange 2-3" Flowers on a 3.5' Plant First year growing this variety and its a keeper.  These dusty peach flowers are a unique color and mixes well in...

Ferncliff Copper

Medium - Formal Decorative - Bronze 5" bloom on a 5' plant This soft bronze flower billows with beauty and produces blooms all season long.  All dahlia tubers will ship in April,...

Kenora Lisa

Med FD  Dark Pink 6" Flowers on a 3.5 to 4' Plant Deep pink flowers with gold highlighted tips.  Some variation on the pink petals with some blooms a little...

Wyn's New Pastel

Large - Formal Decorative - Light Blend 6" flower on a 5' plant A stunning blend of apricot and creamy yellow flowers that bloom late into the season. This flower has...


Mini FD Red 4" Flowers on a 4" Plant You had me at the name Groovy! I smile every time I see this flower in the field. The rusty red...

Rock Run Ashley

M FD  Pink 3" flowers on a 3.5 - 4' Plant The color of Rock Run Ashley is hard to describe or capture in a photo.  I'll just call it...

Rebecca Lynn

Mini   FD   Dark Pink 2.5 - 3" Flowers on a 3' Plant Cute true pink ball on strong stems. Plants only grew to about 3 feet but produced lots of...
Lavender Perfection Lavender Perfection

Lavender Perfection

Large - Formal Decorative - Lavender 8" to 10" flowers on a 4.5' plant Big beautiful fluffy lavender flowers.  Very popular with visitors to the flower field. This plant will bloom all...

Lark's Ebbe

Small - Formal Decorative - Bronze  3" flower on a 3.5' plant This soft apricot salmon colored dahlia adds warmth to the garden. A great cut flower for bouquets.  All...

Hy Patti

Medium - Formal Decorative - Orange 4" flower on a 5' plant This peachy orange dahlia puts off warm sensations and is a great addition to any garden and bouquet. ...
Black Satin Black Satin

Black Satin

Sm  FD  Dark Red 3-4" Flowers on a 4-5' Plant Beautiful dark red almost black blooms that florist love.  Starts out slow but then blooms all season on strong stems....
Diva Tubers Diva


Small - Formal Decorative - Purple 5" to 6" flowers on a 5' plant Diva lives up the name and is a marvelous deep purple that stands out in the...

Sugartown Sunrise

Mini  FD  Light Blend 3" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful mix of pastels all on one bloom. Bubble gum pink outer petals that turn lighter as it makes its...

Peaches n Cream

Med FD Blend Or/Wh  4" Flower on a 4' Plant There is a reason this is such a popular variety.  The blooms are a beautiful mix of peach, blush &...

Wine Eyed Jill - Red

Mini Formal Decorative Dark Red 3" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful long lasting deep red blooms on strong stems. These flowers were sold to me as a Wine Eyed Jill...

Bracken Palamino

Med FD Orange 6" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful soft apricot blooms that fold backwards towards the stems as it opens. Great form and very similar to it's sister...
VooDoo VooDoo


Sm  FD  Dark Red  5" Bloom on a 4' Plant A beautiful black dahlia that I just added to my collection this year. The 5" deep red petals have velvet...

Bracken Rose

M  FD  Dark Pink 2.5 to 3" Flowers on a 5' Plant The  beautiful color amazing symmetrical shape of these muted pink dahlia puts it in my top three must...
Fluffles Fluffles


Sm  FD Light Blend              5" Flower on a 5' Plant Cute pinky lavender blooms with creamy white centers. Sturdy flowers with a long vase...
Shadow Cat Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat

Mini  FD  Dark Red 4" Flower on a 4.5 Plant Chocolate ball flower that blooms early in the season.  Very similar to Black Satin in color and shape but a...
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