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Cafe Au Lait

Large - Informal Decorative - White Pale Pink 8" to 10" flower on a 4.5' plant This variety is referred to as the Queen. These beautiful flowers have a subtle blend...

Break Out

Large - Informal Decorative - Light Blend 8" flower on a 5' plant  This flower is a beautiful blend of buttercream yellow and pale pink. The flower photographs so well and...
Sonic Bloom Tubers Sonic Bloom Tubers

Sonic Bloom

Small - Informal Decorative - Dark Blend 5" flowers on a 6' plant Beautiful raspberry pink flowers on darker stems with unique petals that have a slightly laciniated tip. Sonic...

Cafe Au Lait Royal

Large - Informal Decorative - Pink White Blend 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant This dahlia has a beautiful blend of soft pink and cream, no two flowers are...
American Beauty American Beauty

American Beauty

Medium Informal Decorative Red 5" flower on a 4' plant Deep red velvet color with beautifully formed flowers. Long stems and vase life  make this a must have red dahlia....

Robann Butterscotch

Medium - Informal Decorative - Orange 5" flower on a 5' foot plant Beautiful coppery orange flowers that changed colors as the season got colder. Nice strong stems make this an...


Large - Informal Decorative - Dark Blend 8" to 10" flowers on a 3.5' plant Beautiful watermelon pink flower that have unique twisted petals that wave in the wind. This plant...

Karmel Korn

Small  ID  Light Blend 6" flower on a 5' Plant Karmel best describes the color of this fluffy 6" gold bronze bloom.  I love the texture of this unique flower...
Gitts Attention Gitts Attention

Gitts Attention

Small  ID  White 5" Flower on a 4' Plant Beautiful creamy white flowers with charming splits at the end of each petal. Excellent cut flower and lots of blooms all...

Penhill Dark Monarch

Large ID Dark Blend 8" Flower on a 4' Plant Beautiful twisted petals of peachy raspberry make this a flower a standout in the field or  the center piece of...


M  ID  Dark Blend 6 -7" Flower on a 4.5' Plant This flower is breathtaking.  Ruffled petals in a mix of peach, pink and coral tones, steal the show in...
Cheers Cheers


Mini  ID  Dark Blend 3" Flowers on a 5' Plant Striking coral watermelon blooms with a darker center stand tall in the garden.  Contrasting dark stems make this a great...

Babylon Bronze

Large - Informal Decorative - Bronze 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant These stunning blooms feature long flowing pointed petals that draw the attention to anyone in the garden. All...
Vassio Meggos Vassio Meggos

Vassio Meggos

Lg  ID  Lavender 8 - 9" Flowers on a 5' Plant Beautiful soft lavender blooms fold back to its stem as it fully opens. Long straight stems hold up these...

Shiloh Noelle

Large ID Light Blend 8" Flower on a 4.5 to 5' Plant Large flowing creamy white petals with a soft lavender center.  Plant produces lots of flowers on strong stems....

Tahoma Early Dawn

Small  ID  White 4-6" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful white flowing petals with blush and lavender highlights. So delicate in appearance and perfect for wedding work. Lots of blooms...
Excentric Excentric


Sm  ID  Pink 4" Flowers on a 3.5' Plant Striking hot pink flowers that fade into a yellow orange center. Sometimes it's petals curl at the ends making this bloom...
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