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Bloomquist Blush - LIMIT 3 PER PERSON

Stellar Light Blend 5-6" Flower on a 4.5' Plant Stunning buttercream yellow and pink blooms with unique pink lined petals. When you see the flower in person you just stop...
Cafe Au Lait Tubers Cafe Au Lait Tubers

Cafe Au Lait

Large - Informal Decorative - White Pale Pink 8" to 10" flower on a 4.5' plant This variety is referred to as the Queen. These beautiful flowers have a subtle blend...


Small - Formal Decorative - Light Blend Pink 6" flower on a 4' plant This flower has a blend of pale pink, darker pink and yellow and is slightly different...

Narrows Ryder

Small FD  White 3.5" Flowers on a 5' Plant Beautiful white blooms with a lavender pink blush center and a splash of yellow in the center as the flower fully...

Bracken Rose - LIMIT 3 PER PERSON

Medium - Formal Decorative - Dark Pink 2.5 to 3" Flowers on a 5' Plant The  beautiful color amazing symmetrical shape of these muted pink dahlia puts it in my...

Linda's Baby

Medium - Ball - Pink 4" flower on a 4.5' plant This flower has tones of peach, pink, and coral that blend perfectly together to make this dahlia a must have...

Sweet Nathalie

Small - Formal Decorative - Light Blend 4" flowers on a 3' plant  This dreamy dahlia is the palest of pink and white flowers that are popular for weddings and...

Cafe Au Lait Royal

Large - Informal Decorative - Pink White Blend 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant This dahlia has a beautiful blend of soft pink and cream, no two flowers are...


Mini Ball - Yellow 3" flower on a 3' plant  Creamy pale yellow balls. This reliable bloomer blends well with lots of the pastel wedding flowers.
Black Satin Black Satin

Black Satin

Sm  FD  Dark Red 3-4" Flowers on a 4-5' Plant Beautiful dark red almost black blooms that florist love.  Starts out slow but then blooms all season on strong stems....


Mini  FD  Dark Pink 4" Flowers on a 6' Plant A Beautiful Smokey cranberry is the best description I can come up to describe the color of these stunning flowers....

KoKo Puff

Pom Pom - Pink (Lavender) 1.5 - 2" flower on a 2.5 - 3' plant Unique shade of muddy rose. Cute long lasting flower for arrangements.

Silver Years

Medium - Waterlily - Light Blend 4" flower on a 3' plant Silver Years is a timeless beauty. It's soft white with hints of light pink and purple that are...
Penhill Watermelon Penhill Watermellon Tubers

Penhill Watermelon

Giant - Informal Decorative - Light Blend 8" to 10" flowers on a 5' plant This giant makes a statement in the garden. The blooms are a mix of peach, pink, and...
Karma Choc Karma Choc

Karma Choc

Waterlily  Dark Red 4 -5" Flower on a 4' Plant Deep velvety burgundy blooms on dark stems make this a show stopper. Beautiful in a bouquet mixed with the popular...

Karmel Korn

Small  ID  Light Blend 6" flower on a 5' Plant Karmel best describes the color of this fluffy 6" gold bronze bloom.  I love the texture of this unique flower...

Last Dance

Mini  FD  Light Blend 3" Flowers on a 4' Plant Cute white flowers with soft lilac blush and darker lilac centers some go from almost all white to others with...

Cafe Au Lait Rose

Large - Informal Decorative - Pink 8" to 10" flower on a 4' plant These flowers are a beautiful deep pink and have the same flowing petals as Cafe Au Lait....


Mini Ball Light Blush 2-3" Flowers on a 3-5' Plant Beautiful coloring on this adorable mini ball.  Light blush flower with buttercream undertones perfect for wedding work and my designer...

MM Buttercream

Ball - Yellow 4" flower on a 4.5' plant Beautiful buttercream yellow ball with a touch of pink at its center early in the season. This ball style bloom is...

Tahoma Kelli

Mini  FD  Lavender 2-3" Flower on a 4.5' Plant Cute creamy colored blooms with lavender pink highlights. No two blooms look alike and blends so well with all the blush...

Valley Porcupine

Novelty Fully Double  Lt Blend 2.5" flower on a 4' plant I have not seen another Variety with the unique petal structure like Valley Porcupine. Stunning blush pink & cream...

Camano Zoe

Mini Ball - Pink 2.5" flower on a 3.5' plant  Dreamy little soft blush flowers that blend in so well with all the wedding flowers. Blooms start out a very...
Small World Small World

Small World

Pom - White 2' " Flower on a 4' Plant A cute creamy white dahlia with a very light dusting of pinky lavender flecks. Loved for wedding work because of...

Jowey Mirella

Ball Dark Red 3.5" Flowers on a 4' plant A beautiful almost black ball dahlia with ruffled pedal edges. A prolific bloomer with sturdy stems and long vase life make...
White Nettie White Nettie

White Nettie

Mini - Ball White 2.5" flower on a 4' plant Small and sweet white flowers with a soft creamy center. Perfect white wedding flower with a long vase life and...

Maltby Pearl

Sm -  FD -  Pink 4" flower on a 4' plant  Beautiful light pink lavender blooms with cute white tips and a faint burgundy stripe down the petals. Great form,...


BB FD Pink 4" flowers on a 4.5' plant Beautiful blush pink flowers with white buttercream highlights. This bloom reminds me of Coralie with all it's variations of peachy pink...

Crichton Honey

Ball - Bronze 3-4 " flowers on a 3.5'Plant Warm peachy apricot and buttercream yellow blooms with a unique cupped petal.  Each flower is a dreamy pastel mix.  Goes so...

Bloomquist Tory P - LIMIT 3 PER PERSON

Small - FD  - Pink 4" flower on a 4.5' plant  Beautiful soft white blooms with a blush purple center. The best way to describe the center color is to...

Hollyhill Miss White

Mini - Ball - White 2.5" Flower on a 5' Plant Adorable white flowers with a soft lavender blush center. A must have for wedding work.    Tall plants, reliable...


Mini  FD  White 4" Flower on a 4.5 Plant If your looking for a pure white bloom, put this one on your list. Perfect size, lots of blooms on long...
Boom Boom White Boom Boom White

Boom Boom White

Small  FD  White 3.5- 4" Flower on a 5' Plant Beautiful creamy white flowers with a slight buttercream center. Blooms have a long vase life on strong stems making them...

Irish Ruffles - LIMIT 3 PER PERSON

Med  ID  White 4" Flower on a 4' Plant This one took a while for me to get my hands on and I know why, its as close to the...

Sweet Caroline

Mini FD Pink 3" Flower on a 4' Plant Cute small pale pink blooms with white & golden yellow undertones.  This variety bloomed early for me and had lots of...

Pink Pearl

Ball Pink 5" Flower on a 4' Plant Large blush colored ball that stands up well in a big arrangements. Great for wedding work or anyone who is a fan...
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