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Cafe Au Lait

Large - Informal Decorative - White Pale Pink 8" to 10" flower on a 4.5' plant This variety is referred to as the Queen. These beautiful flowers have a subtle blend...

Silver Years

Medium - Waterlily - Light Blend 4" flower on a 3' plant Silver Years is a timeless beauty. It's soft white with hints of light pink and purple that are...

Narrows Ryder

Small FD  White 3.5" Flowers on a 5' Plant Beautiful white blooms with a lavender pink blush center and a splash of yellow in the center as the flower fully...

Last Dance

Mini  FD  Light Blend 3" Flowers on a 4' Plant Cute white flowers with soft lilac blush and darker lilac centers some go from almost all white to others with...

Gitts Attention

Small  ID  White 5" Flower on a 4' Plant Beautiful creamy white flowers with charming splits at the end of each petal. Excellent cut flower and lots of blooms all...

Willowfield Matthew

Mini FD Lavender 3" flower on a 4.5" Plant Cute light purple and white ball shaped dahlia.  This variety was one of the first in the field to bloom and...

Rogue Starburst

AA  Semi Cactus  White 6-8" Flowers on a 3.5' Plant Beautiful big white blooms with a faint blush center.  Perfect for weddings or centerpiece in an arrangement. This one was...

Shiloh Noelle

Large ID Light Blend 8" Flower on a 4.5 to 5' Plant Large flowing creamy white petals with a soft lavender center.  Plant produces lots of flowers on strong stems....

Tahoma Early Dawn

Small  ID  White 4-6" Flowers on a 4' Plant Beautiful white flowing petals with blush and lavender highlights. So delicate in appearance and perfect for wedding work. Lots of blooms...
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